Xender is an Excellent File Transfer Application

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Xender has recently been known as an excellent choice of app to share a file. Unlike other similar apps, Xender offers simplicity for every fast file transfer that it handles. Of course, it is an excellent feature compared to other apps that tend to be complicated to use.

Xender Overview

With Xender app, it will be so easy to share files, photos, and videos with other devices in such a short time. Even if you transfer high-quality video, it doesn’t take much time to finish the transfer thanks to the incredible speed.


Xender Features

Xender has several impressive features for its user. Here are the features:

Quick Virtual Transfer

Xender is one of the best solutions for fast virtual transfer. It allows you to transfer anything and any kinds of files from any of your Android devices. The most common files to transfer include videos, music, images, files, and also applications.

The transfer rate is incredible, including for large-sized files. However, this app works like a Bluetooth connection, which means the sender and receiver device should be in close range.

To do the transfer, you have to create the transfer group before. Then, you can start the file transfer. You will notice the magic of this app. Some files are even sent in a blink of an eye, which means the rate is incredibly fast.

Here is another excellent feature. Xender allows you to send the files to even five different devices simultaneously. What a great way to fulfill your communication need, right?

Steps in File Transfer

So, how do you start transferring the file? Well, the first thing to do is to download and install Xender. It takes only a few minutes to complete the installation. Xender should be installed in the sender and receiver devices; otherwise, it doesn’t work. Then, open the app on both Android devices.

On the first device, create a hotspot while the second device joins the hotspot connection. Then, both devices are connected. As explained earlier, it is possible to transfer files to 5 different devices as long as all the devices have Xender installed. Then, initiate the transfer and share the files simultaneously.

Works with PC

Yes, Xender doesn’t only share files with Android devices but also personal computers. The way Xender works with PC is different from the way it works with Android devices. To work with PC, Xender provides a specific URL link for you to access. Then, you can start the files sharing once accessing this URL link.

However, it can only be performed with the latest Xender version because the older version could not perform this function. The PC can be any PC with any Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. It makes a great alternative to WiFi data sharing.

Smartphone Replication

Here is another wonderful feature from Xender. It allows you to use the smart switch mobile data transfer. It means you no longer have to manually switch all the data inside your older smartphones to your new smartphone. It can transfer any kind of data, including games, videos, pictures, music, SMS, contacts, and other files. With a simple step, all the data can be quickly transferred.

File Manager

This particular app also makes an excellent file manager. It means that the app can view, delete, and move any files you have received. At the same time, it can also back up the data in case you need to clean your phone storage every once in a while.

View Connected Mobile Apps

Suppose your device is connected with other devices, you can see the applications that have been installed in another device. If any of the apps makes you interested, you can ask another device to share the app within only one click so you can download and install in in your device.

Overall, given with these varieties of features, Xender doesn’t disappoint anyone who is needed for quick data transfer. Since this app is also supported with more than 20 different languages, it will never be burdensome to access and use Xender. Let this app fulfills your need in a very satisfying way.

Running on Android Device

This first feature may not sound good, yet it doesn’t make this app less popular because the number of Android users is increasing from time to time. It may only work to Android devices, but those owning the Android will be so glad and relieved having this app installed in their device. It doesn’t take too much time to finish the transfer.

The device works at an incredibly fast rate. Therefore, instead of using other connections like WiFi or Bluetooth for transferring files, Xender offers a better and easier solution. The average transfer rate is up to 40 times faster compared to regular Bluetooth. What do you think about this rate? Yes, it is incredibly impressive.

Update: Xender now available for Android and iPhone/iPad. Download Xender for Android at Google Play Store and Xender for iPhone/iPad at App Store.

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