Viva Video is the Best Free Video Editor

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Viva Video – Are you looking for a kind of video editor with magnificent final results? It is not that difficult nowadays since the app can just be downloaded and used freely. However, not all of them are good enough for sure. It would be best if you were careful about choosing one of them. Rather than being confused now, here is Viva Video free editor. So, what is the excess? Here they are.

Viva Video Features

Viva Video has so many features and tools that enable you to edit and share all your photos and videos without being an expert. It is easy to have since Viva Video is available in the Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone/iPad. Of course, you must know it so well how to download and then use it.

There are two primary choices, whether it is for photos or videos. The first is that you can take both pictures and videos directly via the apps. The second is to use the camera from your Smartphone before it is being edited via the tools. There is also a tool, namely a video montage, which is the main characteristic of this tool. The video montage can be made by using the Free Video Editor anyway.

viva video

If you want to select the multimedia materials that have been saved from your phone, it is so easy as well. It is when you only need to tap the browse button. It is another feature that is offered by Viva Video, the free video editor. You can also cut or copy and paste and then edit it with different transitions, namely cuts, fades, and the others.

Many kinds of filters are also available here. The first is that the filter can beautify your physical appearance. It is like making your face look lighter and more beautiful, lessening, and disappearing the spots naturally on your face and the others.

More than that, some other cute filters can make your appearance look unique. They are the cartoon filters that resemble animals and so forth. As you know, those kinds of filters are those who are prevalent nowadays.

Making Videos from Photos Easily Using Viva Video

How about making videos from photos that you already have? It is so easy, of course. You can make the slide show more practical. The quality of the results is excellent even it is as good as the slide show made from the computer with high resolution.

It is easier then if you want to make a photo slide show for your job or school assignment. Sure, even when you want to zoom it out, the pictures, along with the colors resulted, are still outstanding and not broken at all. Besides, the results can just be shared directly from the apps.

It is no matter what kind of social media that you can use, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and still many others. Sure, it is better if you can also share or promote the app and let the others know how interesting to have Viva Video.

The Advantages of Viva Video

So, what are other advantages if you choose this app and not the others? One of them is sure that this app can be easily downloaded via Playstore. Before downloading, it is not wrong to see or read all the reviews, which are commonly in a positive term.

Another advantage is that the size is exceptionally light without you have to run it with vast space. It enables you to remain more space, which is beneficial for the condition of the Smartphone itself. The light app is also perfect to avoid many terrible things like trouble, immediately stop, heat, and so forth. Sure, if you want your Smartphone will be long-lasting, installing too many apps with massive size must be avoided anyway.

Despite remembering your Smartphone that must be in good condition, another benefit is about the app itself. It is where you can do so many things related to your multimedia library more. Sure, many things can be done here, not only editing but also taking pictures, making videos, editing, and sharing. If you notice well, not all apps have so many full benefits like Viva Video.


With so many benefits you can get from this tool, it seems you should not forget to download this app. In the setting part, you can set the language based on where you are now. Make sure to update it when it is available for improvement.

If you have any problem related to this app, you should not worry; you can contact the developer. Don’t forget to give ore feedback just like other users that have used this app. So, what are you waiting for? Just download this app now.

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