3 Best Screen Sharing Software

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Looking for a perfect screen-sharing software is not a difficult thing to do. By this article, we will provide you up to date information on the subject of free screen sharing software, or desktop software if you are more accustomed to this term instead, for you windows user. However, before we set the list for you, it will be better to grab the knowledge about this type of software first.


Best Screen Sharing Software

Remote desktop software, or sometimes that also called a screen sharing application, is a type of application that allows the user to have a streaming process on his or her laptop as well as a computer screen. It will allow him or her to receive support from various users in the world. In conclusion, this software is suitable for you who work in a project team. Below are the best three apps you can try.

Mikogo Screen Sharing Software

It is not weird if you feel familiar the first time you heard this software’s name. Mikogo is popular software that gains many good reviews or five starts from them who already tried it. This application will enable you to have a group video chat or even a web conference easily. By using this tool, you have the possibility of sharing your files, screen, and even text. Moreover, it is free.

It also comes in a great feature. This software enables you to lock or even pause your session as you like. What you need to do is just click the buttons located at the top. When you want to log after having a session, you only need to click the Create Session Log checkbox provided by this software. Quite easy, right?

There is another reason that makes this software loved by many people. It has a good speed. The interface also comes in the same way. You do not to be an expert to use this software. Furthermore, it provides some animations that make it seem friendly with the users.

TeamViewer Screen Sharing Software

If you are tired of the login process on the software you have, then this one might be the most suitable for you. TeamViewer does not require any login process. What you need is just an ID and a password. It will be displayed in every session of yours.

Using this software is quite easy as well. First, you only need to open TeamViewer. You will see an ID and a password box, if you want to connect with another user, all you have to do is just fill the boxes with their ID and password.

Skype Screen Sharing Software

Indeed, this software already got its popularity through many eyes and ears in the world. As you know, Skype provided a screen-sharing option that the user can use. After having some strict comparison, we assure you that the screen sharing offered by this software is satisfying.

To share what you have on your screen, you only need to the right-click a contact then go for the share screen option. You are free to choose the entire screen option or the select windows option.

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