Amazing Zapya App Features for Multi Platforms File Transfer

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Zapya – When it comes to file-transfer between devices, it is necessary to use the app to allow quick file transfer. Transferring files may sound like a delicate task, but it can be painful when it takes too long to complete.

Zapya Overview

Transferring files can be even more distressing when you happen to need to transfer big-sized files. In this particular case, that Zapya comes to the rescue.

It is a specially designed application for quick file transfer. It operates with an impressive transfer rate, which may be quite shocking for you.


Zapya Features

Zapya has several amazing features for its user. Here are the features:

Easy and Simple Interface

From the look and display of this app, it is quite appealing. Despite its simple interface, it has an interface that is very easy to control. It comes with several different screens that are designated for different file types.

There is one screen for the image, one for music, one for videos, and another screen for the apps. It is a part of the easy interface. You need to choose the file that you want to transfer to another device by choosing the screen.

Suppose you have chosen the file, continue by setting up the group you have created. Invite the receiver device. Then, ask the receiver device to download the file you have shared in the group. The transfer rate can reach up to 10 MB per second, which is considered incredible.

The great thing works with basically any devices, including Android devices, iOS devices, and even personal computers and laptops. If you have ever used Xender, you will find Zapya a bit similar to Xender in terms of advancement and functionality.

App with Zero Cost

Everyone loves a free app that doesn’t cost them anything at all. Fortunately, Zapya is among the best free apps available to be downloaded and installed.

It doesn’t matter what kind of files and how big is the size of the files you want to transfer; it still doesn’t cost you anything. And, since it works with various platforms, you will find this application very useful.

Incredible Speed

The most important feature of every file transfer application is the transfer rate or speed. An app with an advanced interface yet has low speed doesn’t make an ideal app. Instead, an app with a simple interface but an incredible transfer rate makes a much better choice.

Fortunately, Zapya doesn’t disappoint. It offers up to 10 MB/second transfer rate. Yes, this speed is pretty amazing. Imagine how quick it is to transfer even big sizes like multiple features. It only takes a few minutes and doesn’t even need cellular data.

Aside from incredible speed, this particular app also works with the AirDrop system. It is a system that supports file sharing between Mac and iOS devices. It means Zapya doesn’t only work in Android but also iOS-based devices. It particularly is an excellent feature because there are lots of file sharing app that can only support one type of device, such as Xender, that supports only the Android-based devices.

So with Zapya being compatible with iOS devices, everything is complete already, right? Well, it is not. Many fully functional features are still available to be discussed.


Here comes another great feature from this particular app. It has the so-called PeerCam. It is a specially designed camera that can remotely take both photos and videos after they take command. In order words, this camera is entirely under your control.

QR Code Sharing

The QR Code sharing may not be familiar to you. Well, it defines for particular code that contains both connectivity and files. This feature allows you to select the file and generate the personalized code of QR. You can have other people to scan QR code to join the connected group instantly. Then, just by simply touching the keyboard, you can start transferring any kinds of files.

Phone Replicate

The file transfer app is not complete without a phone replicate feature. It is a feature that allows easy and quick data transfer of any data inside the phone, including the photos and phone log.

With Zapya, moving the data doesn’t have to be such a pain anymore. Instead, it will be one of the easiest things to do. It helps you set your new phone, ready to run only within a few minutes. With this app, you don’t even have to wait for downloading and online backup.

GPS Support

Here is another advanced feature to guarantee more comfortable use, the so-called support for GPS location. It allows fast discovery when you can enjoy fast and accurate wayfinding the nearby devices. With security guaranteed, nothing should make you worry while transferring the files. None will steal your data while transferring.

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