Recommended Browser for Mac Besides Safari

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What’s the use of Internet connection without Internet browsers? You definitely need an Internet browser in order to be able to surf the Internet. And if you are a Mac user, you surely are already familiar with Safari. Most Mac users opt for this browser.

Unfortunately, it lacks few features. You may notice it and start to look for other recommended browsers that are compatible with Mac OS. Do not be worried because there are some other great alternatives to Safari. Here they are.

Browsers for Mac

Google Chrome

Who does not know Google Chrome? It is the most broadly used Internet browser in the world. A bunch of Internet users across the globe love this browser because it is fast, efficient, and secure. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface. Google Chrome users can also easily synchronize settings, bookmarks, and history across all devices via their Google accounts. This surely makes the work a lot easier.

40% to 70% of total Internet traffic goes through Google Chrome. The most important reason why you should try this browser is because it is fast and the easiest browser to use today. Its visual elements are incredible. You have the option to customize the appearance from various themes offered. Moreover, it also supports parental control.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is also a popular browser that prioritizes security. It has been in the battle of the best browsers and always manages among the top ones. There was a moment when Mozilla Firefox was the king of Internet browsers. However, things change for Mozilla Corporation. Though the new upgrade Firefox Quantum is slick, smooth, and provides incredible user experience, it is not as fast as Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox offers excellent privacy protection. This browser provides the best service to secure the way you surf the Internet. Mozilla Firefox might be the most recommended browser for your Mac if you are low on RAM since it is low-weight and consumes less RAM.

Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge is an evolution-sized version of Internet Explorer Edge. It has been previously installed in Windows 10. Since Edge Chromium is built from the engine that powers Chrome, this speeds up its use. This browser is now compatible with Mac OS and offers a great number of features and security. Since it is built on the engine the powers Chrome, Google Chrome users will be familiar with Edge Chromium. Though it is equipped with many incredible features that are not found in Google Chrome and any other Internet browsers.

Edge Chromium combines the extension of Google Chrome and improved security, giving its users an amazing experience of exploring the Internet. It also features an Internet explorer mode that allows you to explore better on old web pages. This browser also offers ad-blocking trackers by default.

Opera Browser

Opera is underrated lately. But it can still be a recommended alternative for Safari. This browser is beneficial for your operating system since it gives the least RAM load as possible. Moreover, Opera also focuses on user experience that encourages it to provide a lot of features. Opera only shows what really matters by compressing unnecessary content. It has a mobile application that is equipped with a turbo option, allowing you to surf the internet at a high speed, though your internet connection speed is low.

If you frequently face a problem with a soggy internet connection, Opera can help you with that. Opera also offers a built-in free VPN so that you can enjoy browsing torrent without any security problems. Also, it has a built-in ads tracker, allowing you to surf the Internet without any distraction.

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