5 Best Free Online Backup Services That You Can Trust

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Making data backup must be conducted. This is useful to prevent some unpredictable incidents like interrupted storage or sudden burned data. The best method is back to cloud service. Space is an important aspect of data backup. There are some kinds of options, both paid and free. It is better to select free online data backup services to select. Despite free, it is also great to use. Here is the list of backup services.

online backup service


The first choice is Mozy. What is it? It is one of the recommended online data backup types in 2014. Why could it be? It is caused that it is easily used compared to the other backup services. The offered backup storage is only 2GB. That is fairly enough to anticipate lost data on your computer. If you want to get more data backup, you have to pay more to buy the larger storage.

For a smaller backup set, Mozy becomes the best choice because it steals your interest with its software setup. You are able to manage the setting choice once and let it handle your files on the computer. Even, you can use the incremental backup option that is only supporting changing files. In addition, you are able to manage real-time backup everywhere. The file will be backed up soon after being changed. Mozy also proffers encryption to transfer and save data.

I Drive

What else another choice of best online backup service? You can trust I Drive. This backup service provides 5GB for backup storage. It surely becomes the largest backup storage for free online backup service. I Drive also presents encryption to transfer data to the cloud and from cloud storage. Once, you possibly choose backup data to be incremental form.


The next choice for an online backup service is ADrive. You can trust this service to backup your data. ADrive serves you with 2GB empty space for backing up your data. If you potentially need more data, you must buy more spaces. 2GB space is clearly not enough, but it is sufficient to meet backup data storage with the use of ADrive. This also proffers encryption for transferring second files and saving distance storage.


What else is a backup service that you can trust? You can install and run SpiderOak as the best backup service for computer or mobile data. SpiderOak is a great free online data backup service that you can download, install, and run. It includes being the top five backup service types ever. It offers only storage for 2GB with a free account. It means that you will get 2GB additional storage for storage, meeting the lack of space. That is fairly enough to use.

But, if you require more spaces with high capacity, don’t worry because you can pay to buy more spaces for backing up your data. It is practically used because the software is easily operated. You’ll never find any hard problems in operating it. What about encryption? It has. You can use it to transfer and save files and data as well with the use of encryption.

Symform Free Online Cloud Service

Symform Free Online Cloud Service becomes another best choice of online service. It presents 10 GB for additional data backup. It is like OneDrive for its performance. The performance is almost the same as One Drive with better performance. It is adding data storage for wider savings. Which one is your favorite choice?

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